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Technology workshops

As a long-standing provider of training courses for developers and IT professionals, we are experts in preparing and conveying knowledge. We give your IT team or decision-makers an insight into today's essential technologies, user experience and architectures.

Some examples of topics we specialize in and offer our customers as technology workshops:

Programming languages and frameworks

  • Software development with the programming languages Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript and Kotlin
  • Enterprise Server Applications
  • Cloud Native / Backend applications based on Spring Boot, Quarkus, Micronaut and Jakarta EE
  • Single Page Web Applications based on Angular or React
  • Classic web applications with Spring, Jakarta EE, HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Operating system independent apps based on Ionic, Flutter and React Native
  • Object-relational mapping with JPA (Hibernate and EclipseLink)
Docker & Kubernetes


  • Cloud Native Architectures
  • Microservices architectures
  • Event Driven Architectures
  • Cloud solutions with synchronization of clients and local server instances at the end customer
  • Connecting and synchronizing apps to server infrastructures
  • IoT solutions
  • Service-oriented integration architectures

Code Quality

  • CleanCode
  • Refactoring
  • Test-Driven Development


  • Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery
  • Jenkins Build Server
  • Git & Gitlab Platform
  • Gradle & Maven

Use of containers in operation and development

  • docker 
  • Kubernetes

Methodologies in development

  • Scrum workshops for development teams

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