Web Services

Web Services: The cornerstone of modern online applications Web services are a fundamental component in today's networked world, as they enable communication and data exchange between different applications and systems over the Internet. This article provides an in-depth look at the world of web services, how they work, types and importance for developing modern software applications. […]

Individual software development

Custom Software Development: Tailored Solutions for Specific Requirements In the digital age, software is omnipresent and plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of modern business life. While standardized software solutions are sufficient for many applications, there are situations in which companies require specific, tailor-made solutions. This is where individual software development comes into play. Definition and meaning Individual software development […]

The new VinPilot software

This software was developed by CIIT GmbH for WFT GmbH, based in Klosterneuburg. The CIIT GmbH team has been working on developing the software for over a year. It automates the crucial processes in a wine cellar, such as fermentation control, in the most modern way. VinPilot has been working in wine production for over 25 years […]

Individual software development for APF

APF – Agency for Passenger and Passenger Rights In this blog entry we would like to present a project that we implemented for the Agency for Passenger and Passenger Rights in record time. The Agency for Passenger and Passenger Rights (apf) is an independent arbitration board for rail, bus, ship and air traffic. If no direct solution is possible with the company, […]