CIIT AI Demo Chatbot

CIIT is committed to integrating AI components into customer systems through a variety of projects.

The implementation of a chatbot that is enriched with specific data is uncomplicated and offers a wide range of possible uses. For example, it can serve as a supplement to user manuals, answer questions about products and services and take on functions that go far beyond this.

Compared to traditional chatbots and search mechanisms, our approach is characterized by the ability to formulate answers individually. This significantly increases user satisfaction.

Experience the power of our AI demo chatbot. We have equipped it with exclusive data that goes beyond what ChatGPT, Google Gemini and similar services can currently provide, such as specific information about inflation in Austria in 2023.

We can also feed a chatbot with your documents and data. Your data remains exclusively your property, will not be made public and data protection and compliance with the GDPR guidelines are guaranteed.

Interested in a customized chatbot? Contact us for more information.

Discover our demo chatbot here.

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