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Operation of applications

CIIT Software operates its customers’ applications in different configurations.

Operation in customer infrastructure

CIIT Software hands over the software to the customer, who then operates it with their own staff in their own infrastructure. Alternatively, CIIT Software independently installs the application and, if necessary, the required software infrastructure at the customer's premises and carries out certain aspects of the operation independently.

Operation in infrastructure of CIIT Software 

CIIT Software operates the software in its own server infrastructure. Hardware, virtualization platform, container infrastructure and applications are provided and operated by CIIT Software with guaranteed availability according to defined SLAs. CIIT guarantees high availability, gigabit internet connection, disaster recovery and a multi-level backup and replication concept

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Operation in the infrastructure of a managed service provider

Our customers often have existing contracts or a history of working with selected managed service providers. In this case, CIIT Software works with these providers to ensure reliable and secure operation of the applications.

Operation in a public cloud infrastructure

There are a number of large IT companies that offer cloud infrastructures. The largest of these are


CIIT Software always develops its applications according to the Cloud Native ApproachThis means that all of our applications can run in the large cloud infrastructures without any changes. CIIT Software is happy to support and configure the cloud infrastructure including the application layer upon request.

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