CIIT develops individual AI chatbots for customers – Part 1

Video CIIT entwickelt AI Chatbot

CIIT Software creates your individual AI chatbot based on ChatGPT. Our customers can feed this individual chatbot with their own data and also limit the topics that the chatbot answers. The chatbot can then be integrated into any application, be it an intranet or internet application. How does this work technically and what are your own confidential […]

Spotify Model: An Innovative Agile Framework for Effective Software Development

Illustration Spotify Modell

The Spotify model, originally developed by the music streaming service of the same name, has established itself as an influential concept in agile software development far beyond its origins. It provides a framework for large organizations to make their software development teams efficient and effective. In this extended article we will examine the Spotify model in greater detail, its advantages, implementation methods […]

Software maintenance contracts at CIIT

Software maintenance contracts at CIIT: An overview When the development of the software is completed, we optionally conclude a maintenance contract with our customers, which includes professional, uncomplicated and fast support for the operation of the software. Scope of services and infrastructure: CIIT provides an extensive hardware infrastructure upon request, including virtualized servers, storage infrastructure and network connection. Alternatively […]